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Saturday, August 15, 2009

European Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Wrap-up of the Summer School

Friday morning a simulation game of the European Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs tackled two cases: the secession of Scotland and its application for EU membership and a conflict between Estonia and Russia regarding the Russian minority in Estonia. After a lot of fierce negotiation it was decided that the Scottish secession was illegal and EU accession was undue as long as the 'United Kingdom of England and Northern Ireland' did not agree on Scottish secession and that the Estonian conflict should be resolved by repealing some laws discriminating against the Russian minority and at the same time fully supporting Estonia in its negotiations with Russia an the fight against hackers.

After the parliament game there was a panel discussion bringing together all the contributions of different speakers during the summer school and trying to find out what the common denominator was.

After this political working groups were started which were immediately joined by many of the participants of the summer school:
1. Church, State, Civil Society and the Public Domain (CSCSPD)
2. Human Dignity
3. Europe and co.
The working groups will write policy documents which can be used by ECPYN and set up projects. The day was concluded with both an oral, plenary and a written, individual evaluation of the summer school. The general feeling was that the week had gone by too fast, while it seemed at the same time more than a week, because so much was done.

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