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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Protection of Ethnic Minority Rights in Macedonia

Early this morning the board convened to have a board meeting over breakfast and discuss some last issues in preparation for the congress (general assembly).

At nine the participants gathered in the conference room to listen to Ilija Dimovski, who is among other things a Member of Parliament of Macedonia for the VMRO-DPMNE, a center-right party of Christian-democratic orientation. Dimovski explained how the Macedonian system secures the rights of minorities. An important instrument in this is the fact that in order to change some basic laws parliament needs to reach a qualified majority. This means that an absolute majority is not enough, but half of the members of parliament representing the minorities should also agree in order to reach this qualified majority. Besides this formal requirement there are also some informal political customs aimed at reaching consensus and including minority parties, especially the parties representing the large Albanian minority.

The lecture was received very well, because of its informative content. Afterward some questions were raised and comparisons were made with other countries. It was concluded that some countries could take an example in the Macedonian approach.

And then there was coffee..

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