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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christian Democracy in Europe: realities and perspectives

Saturday, November 27th I was invited by Youth of the Christian Democratic Party from France to participate for a weekend of political training. We have met in Brussels for 2 days to discuss about the rules and procedures for EU decision-making and the relevance of the message of the Christian Democrats concerning European construction.

The participants agreed that one of the most serious challenges of the future invite us all to reflect and cooperate, to commit both at national and European level, and to reevaluate the role of Christianity and in the same that the Christian Democratic ideas must further play an essential role.

I was really impressed by Youth of the Christian Democratic Party and the subject of our debate - Christian Democracy in Europe: realities and perspectives. I believe rather to have a defensive position, we must assume a courageous position to show the right way of the Christian Democracy in Europe.

First of all, in our days, we talk about the economic and financial crisis. Secondly, the identity, social and political crisis. In all these crises, there is a spiritual and moral dimension. The changes we must make in our behavior, must be an answer to this profound crisis of values that is the cause of everything.

In this crisis we must mobilize all our forces and resources not only political but also moral and spiritual and to become a driving force of European construction and to promote responsability, social justice, respect for life, the central role of the family, solidarity, social market economy and civil society. And all these problems remain a major priority that guides our actions.

European politics deserves a new face, a revival based on democratic values. First of all, European politics means the responsible freedom, justice, solidarity, authentic Christian values. It is Europe which is a Christian building, a gift of Christianity to us. Democracy owes its existence to Christianity. In the same measure, a Europe free and responsible, is the reflex of Christian Democracy.

And one of the fathers of the European Community, Robert Schuman, not only one of the greatest politicians ever known in France, but also an inspiration for Europe and for Christian tradition, guide our actions today. In the last book he left, Pour l’Europe he writes:

"Democracy owes its existence to Christianity. It was born the day man was called to realize in his daily commitment the dignity of the human person in his individual freedom, in the respect of the rights of everyone, and in the practice of brotherly love towards all. Never, before Christ, had similar concepts been formulated."
Thus democracy is linked to Christianity, ideologically and chronologically at the same time.

Christian values are universal and unifying values, and the message of the Christian Democrats do not want to be merely conservative, but one which is based on moral progress. Human dignity must be preserved. If we could continue this vision, than life in Europe will become more responsible and coherent. And we have a lot of success examples, we can talk about the example of the Christian Democratic Movement from Georgia, a political party that in only 2 years win 8% in national elections and 12% in local elections. We can talk about the Christian Union from the Netherlands under the direction of André Rouvoet that was a minority partner, but very important in the government coalition during the previous mandate. Other example, in France, the Christian Democratic Party, founded by Christine Boutin, currently have 2 MPs, several elected by universal suffrage and the number of its members keeps growing. And I can continue with examples from different European countries which have the same European Christian structure.

In the same time it’s really important to improve active participation, exchange best practices and promote mutual contacts between political youth organizations what can assume an important role to promote at national political level the Christian democratic ideas and to influence on internal political changes, if we discuss about young politicians.

This is the main goal of ECPYN, to create a young soul for the future of Europe, to help ensure the words of Robert Schuman, and the ambitions of the EU's founding fathers, are realised.

Together we can build Europe stronger, more efficient and better able to promote its values, its principles and defend his vision in Europe.

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