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Friday, June 5, 2009

Dutch elections for the European Parliament

Yesterday (June 4) the Dutch elected their 25 members of the European Parliament. Because of the votes in other member states, the official results will not be released until after June 7, but unofficial results after 92% of the votes have been counted were released on account of a Dutch law that forbids withholding information on election results from the public.

The winner of the elections was the right wing populist PVV (Party for Freedom) of Geert Wilders, it won 4 seats.

Another worrying development are the gains for the social-liberals of D66, that added 2 seats to the 1 it allready held.

There were severe losses for the liberal-conservative CDA (from 7 to 5) and especially the 'PvdA' Labour Party (from 7 to 3). The Socialist Party and the Christian Union - SGP held its two respective seats. Green Left also retained its two seats.

The liberals of the VVD lost 1 of their 4 seats, whereas they had been expected to loose 2. Both Geert Wilders of the PVV and Mark Rutte of the VVD argued that the loss for CDA and PvdA should imply changes in the course of the government. André Rouvoet and Peter van Dalen of the Christian Union party asserted that CU-SGP gained votes and voter share even though it participates in the government coalition.

There is still one seat left that may either go to the Party for Freedom or the Green Left.

Later today the remaining 8 percent of the results will be released and on Sunday the official result will be known, including information on candidates that may have been elected by preference votes.

Result after 92% of the vote:

CDA: 5 (7)
PVV: 4 (0)
PvdA: 3 (7)
VVD: 3 (4)
D66: 3 (1)
GL: 3 (2)*
SP: 2 (2)
CU: 2 (2)

* The third seat of the GreenLeft is uncertain, it may stil go to the PVV.

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