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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christians in Politics Portal, the new platform for discussion on Christian democracy!

We are very pleased to announce to you the start of the Christians in Politics Portal. The idea of this portal is to create a platform for discussion and to create an ever increasing database with articles concerning politics and Christian thought.

To make this website a success however, we need your help! Not only by reading the articles and visiting the website, but also by contributing relevant articles yourself (as long as they are free to be published on our website). Of course you also contribute by joining the discussions and by letting us know how we can improve the portal.

Right now, our database is still quite small, but we aim to add several articles each month. New articles, from all continents, will be placed on the website and added to the database. In the future, we also want to enlarge the possibilities for interactive discussions on our website.

We hope that you appreciate this new initiative and hope to see you soon on our website http://www.christianpoliticsportal.org.

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