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Friday, December 4, 2009

Support the registration of Belarusian Christian Democracy by sending a solidarity petition to the Belarusian government and the President!‏

Dear colleagues, friends,

the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party requests you to support the process of our state registration by sending a solidarity petition to the Belarusian government and the President of Belarus.

In these documents you'll the find the account of repressions against the BCD founders (Word Document, 53 KB) and the draft of the petition (Word Document, 25.5 KB).

The addresses of the recipients are below.

We are hoping for your cooperation,

BCD co-chairpersons
Paval Sieviarynets, Vital Rymasheuski, Alaksiej Shein, Heorhi Dzmitruk.


Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus http://www.government.by/en/eng_contacts.html

11 Sovetskaya St., Minsk 220010
(House of Government)

Fax: (8-017) 222-66-65
Email: contact@government.by

Press Secretary of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus

Aleksandr M. Timoshenko

Тel./Fax: (8-017) 222-41-73
Email: timoshenko@government.by

Citizens correspondence and consultation Department

9 Sovetskaya St., Minsk 220010

Tel.: (8-017) 222-60-46

BCD international committee

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